Smart Data, Smarter Decisions

4i Platform leads companies towards smart manufacturing with industrial IoT solutions. Our company makes it possible for manufacturers to automatically acquire data from industrial equipment.  It also generates production and management indicators which allow companies to make smarter decisions and to perform better on continuous improvement processes.

Understand your production capacity and maximize both your productivity and ROI by making data-driven decisions.

We help manufacturers gain full insights on their processes and monitor their equipment 24/7. Our multiplatform apps capture real-time data of your operations to improve the efficiency and quality of your production lines.


How It Works

1. Connect 

Visualize your equipment in real time as of the installation moment by means of your existing infrastructure or by means of our DASH and DOT modules and easily integrate them with the data coming from existing PLCs.


2. Process

The acquired information is securely sent to our in-plant and/or cloud server. We offer solutions according to your needs. Easily upgradeable.

3. Analyze

We cover a wide range of plant needs to comply with the control of your production processes. Applications ready to help improve your operations. Efficiency, quality, and maintenance guaranteed.

One Platform, Many Solutions.

24/7 real-time monitoring

Remote monitoring

Easy to install

SaaS (in the cloud)


4i Platform's Solutions

Logos 4 Apps -13 (1) OEE


Collects real-time data from your manufacturing equipment and calculates the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) from your production lines. Identifies the causes of machine downtime and idle time. 

Logos 4 Apps -14 CENERGY


Tracks energy usage in real time. Helps to understand energy consumptions. Displays the distribution of energy flows during your manufacturing process. Warns you about deviations or peaks. 

Logos 4 Apps -16 ELT


Monitors machines and productive assets throughout their life cycle. Prevents equipment failure. Automatically triggers maintenance actions with real run-times.  

Logos 4 Apps -15


Monitors production quality by means of statistical process control. Tracks production batches through statistical data analysis.  

Gain real-time data insights on your operations with 4i Platform